Reduce, Refill, Recycle – Sustainable Skincare

At Pure Oasis we are so passionate about leaving a minimal footprint and are striving to do all we can to protect this beautiful earth, which is why we are so excited to be offering refill options for all our skincare products!
We have created a beautiful range of natural skincare which have all been bottled up in glass bottles, so that they are sturdy enough to be bought once, and then refilled over and over again.
These refills come in recyclable plastic pouches, which contains 80% less plastic than the lid of the glass bottles. We also offer free stainless-steel funnels, which are reusable, to help you refill your products.
We hope you partner with us as we all do our part toward a better future, offering indulgent skincare for you, while preserving beauty in the world around us! 

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