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This is the best cleanser I have used. Simple and effective leaving my skin soft and glowing. Very gentle. A little is all that is needed. A fantastic product I will be purchasing again.

Very happy with this cream. The texture is divine and I love the results I am getting. Being all natural is great.

My new go to moisturiser!!!! The smallest amount goes such a long way and leaves my skin feeling hydrated all day

Enzyme Gel Cleanser
Brittany Williams

This is my new favourite cleanser, I use it morning and night and am completely obsessed, the scent is enough to make you fall in love with it!!! I was very impressed with how well it removes makeup and the slight glow it leaves my skin after a good wash, couldn't recommend it more, definitely rate this cleanser above all other ones I have tried and the fact that it's all natural and vegan makes me want to buy it 100 times over

Konjac Sponge Kit
Emily Wade

At first I was so confused how the sponge worked as it was rock hard but after running it under water it softened and worked amazingly to take off the clay mask and all my other products. Super easy to use and when washing the clay mask off with this sponge helped exfoliate my skin as well!

Brilliant products! The enzyme facial gel not only cleans, but brightens your complexion. My adult son (20) has started using it and his skin, at times problematic, has improved dramatically. Thanks Pure Oasis :)

I love this cream!! As someone who suffers with dehydrated yet in some places oily skin, this cream does an amazing job of hydrating the face without leaving it feeling greasy! Instead my skin is left feeling more plump and as if moisture has gone deep within the skin rather than just sitting on top!

This is an amazing cleanser! So many cleansers I find with my skin can be abrasive and harsh after constant use of even a few days. I've used this cleanser morning and night for 2 months! It's the most gentle yet attractive product ever! Never truly understood the importance of natural and clean ingredients until this! Will purchase again!

This product feels absolutely amazing on my skin! My skin feels fresh, clear and glowing every day and I don't even feel like I need to wear makeup now. So happy with it

Smells so good!!!! Leaves my skin feeling very hydrated and refreshed. I definitely recommend you using this product!

Absolutely loving this product! Smells amazing and feels so refreshing after application. Noticed differences in the puffiness of my eyes within 1 week!! Definitely recommend

Soooo good. I love giving my skin a spritz and adding a little extra hydration.

Enzyme Gel Cleanser
Stacey Wilson

This is my go to cleanser in and out of clinic. It is amazing on all skin types and leaves the skin feeling great. If you're after a cleanser that works and is actually good for you, give this a go. You won't be disappointed!

This product is just amazing! It leaves my skin fresh and so soft with the gentle exfoliation. I use it day and night and can't imagine using anything else!! Thank you Pure Oasis!!

It's amazing how good this sponge feels on your skin! It just makes me want to keep washing my face all day

This cleanser is so amazing! My skin feels so clean and refreshed and my complexation is so bright and healthy now that I've been using it for a little while. It feels particularly good with the konjac sponge.

Love this product leaves my skin feeling soft and glowy. Just what I was after. A little goes a long way and it's not too heavy! Smells amazing too.

Who knew the joy a natural little sponge would bring to my life!! Not only does this offer an environmentally friendly option for cleansing, it is super soft and gentle once wet with warm water - just amazing.

Very soft and refreshing for my delicate eye area, nice and lightweight but still hydrating. Beautiful subtle scent as well

This cleanser is amazing! One pump onto the konjac sponge and my face is clean, fresh and my skin is left extremely soft. My skin has been clear and I have stopped wearing foundation daily. Can't recommend highly enough! So economical, you won't be disappointed!

What a great addition to your cleansing routine. This wonderful sponge gently buffs my skin so it feels ultra clean and so soft! I'll never be without one now!

Perfect cleanser leaving your skin refreshed! Bottles have a great dispenser only using a small amount each push, so you don't waste a thing!

Since using Pure Oasis products I have received so many compliments on my skin. My favourite is the Age Defying Elixir, it has definitely made a huge difference.

Absolutely love all 3 of these products. I have extremely sensitive skin and love that I have finally found products that don’t hurt my skin! When I use all 3 of these products my skin feels so clean, hydrated and fresh, would definitely recommend.