Gift Guide For Her

Let's be real... Finding the perfect gift for your mum, friend, partner, boss or whatever is hard work! But if you are thinking about giving that special someone the gift of skincare we've got you covered.

From skincare newbies to absolute skin gurus, we've put together a list of skincare gift ideas that will impress just about everyone!

These Are Our Best Skincare Gift Ideas for Every Person In Your Life: 

The Minimalist

Konjac Sponge Kit: Perfect for those who love a low-waste and sustainable cleansing routine. 

✓ Less Than $25
✓ Cleanses & Exfoliates Using Just Water

What's Included: Biodegradable Green Tea and Charcoal Bamboo Konajc Sponge

The Eco Lover

Eco Cleanse Kit: Perfect for those who love fresh, glowing skin. 

✓ Less than $53
✓ Sustainably & Effortlessly Cleanses Skin

What's Included: Enzyme Gel Cleanser 100ml & your choice of Konjac Sponge.

The Traveller

Glow On The Go Travel Kit: Perfect for the skim lover whose always on the go.

✓ Less Than $85
✓ Mini 3-Step Routine: Cleanse, Tone & Hydrate

What's Included: Enzyme Gel Cleanser 30ml, Fruit-Fusion Hydrating Mist 30ml & Resurfacing Peptide Cream 30ml. 

The Glow Getter

Radiance Ritual Kit: Perfect for those who love a luxurious and advanced glowing routine. 

✓ Less Than $130
 Deeply Moistures, Balances & Brightens 

What's Included: Age-Defying Elixir 30ml, Radiant C Serum 30ml & Intensive Eye Treatment 20ml. 

The Kit Everyone Can Use

Starter Essentials Kit: Perfect for those new to skincare and who want a quick, yet effective 3-step routine. 

✓ Less Than $130
✓ Optimal 3-Step Skin Routine: Cleanse, Tone & Hydrate 

What's Included: Enzyme Gel Cleanser 100ml, Fruit-Fusion Hydrating Mist 100ml & Resurfacing Peptide Cream 100ml. 

All of our natural and organic skincare is suitable for all skin types and safe for sensitive & acne-prone. 

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